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intelesuri ascunse/ hidden meanings


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Unele, mai simple, ne vorbesc tuturor deopotriva.
Altele, mai complexe, isi soptesc tainele doar acelora pregatiti sa le primeasca intelepciunea.

Simbolul de mai jos l-am descoperit intr-un articol despre vechi arhetipuri geto-dace si, se pare, se afla sculptat pe poarta sanctuarului de la Sarmizegetusa. Nu i-am deslusit inca soapta, dar am simtit nevoia sa-l reproduc si sa-l dau mai departe...
Pana acum, este cea mai dificila broderie la care am lucrat. Nu datorita complexitatii punctelor de cusatura folosite sau a detaliilor migaloase, ci pentru simplul fapt ca n-am putut coase la ea decat in anumite zile sau momente ale zilei. Si astfel, nu de putine ori, a devenit obositor si dificil sa continuu. Nu am o explicatie pentru asta, insa acum ca e gata, am o mare bucurie ca am incheiat!

Some, simpler, speak to us equally.
Others, more complex, whisper their secrets only to those ready to receive their wisdom.
I discovered the symbol above in an article I read about Dacian ancient archetypes and, apparently, it's carved on the gate of Sarmizegetusa sanctuary. I haven't managed to understand its whisper yet, but I felt the need to reproduce it and pass it on...
So far, it's the most difficult embroidery I've made. Not because of the complexity of the stitches I used or the niggling details, but because I could only sew in some days or parts of the day. Thus, pretty often, became hard and weary to continue doing it. I have no explanation for this, but now that's ready, I feel a great joy I've finished it!

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What is made with the heart and the belief that we are doing something we have been inspired to, makes all the difference...
So is my dear friend Roxana, from Romenia, who always brings us with a kind of embrodery that is much more than a simple one.
This time her work of art shows us determination and beauty in developing more about Dacian Culture!
For sure it is a lesson for everybody of how we can make difference no matter in which way... we just can do something...
Thanks, Roxana, for your art, for your example!
Have a good time ahead and let us be together with you with our hearts and souls!
Warm hugs!

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roxana disse...

Dear Vera,
I'm honored for you to share with your readers and friends a part of my work. Thank you very much and to all those reading my words through your post!
I do what I do for two reasons: to show my own people we have a heritage we should be proud of and also can live up to its value if we choose to, and the second one is to show people outside my country that our bad image, which some unfairly fabricated in the past few years, is not true and that we're a nation worth knowing, worth meeting.
And for now this is all I can do...

Thank you, Vera, for your permanent support and appreciation! You've always encouraged me and my work and I am grateful for that!

Vera Luiza Vaz disse...

My dear friend Roxana, I always think about the meaning of living.

Why did we come to this existence?

What is the best we can do to live doing significant things, no matter how simple they are?

The only answer I find is that we are here to help building a world with justice, responsability, friendship, sensibility,love between people of all places, peace...

I am a simple person and as long as I know me I've been trying to spread this way of living and seeing others and things around me, respecting different thoughts and hoping for the same.

Everyday I find myself in reflective position in order to achieve a better view, a better way of going on because it is to hard sometimes...

And everything can be easy if we consider that we are not alone, we have friends, we have good company...

This is the most important in life! Share our heart, our thoughts, our feelings, beeing a sincere friend and wanting our friends happy and always in peace.

Simple and truthful...

Your friendship is for me a motive of honor and joy!

I pray and thank for this!

Warm hugs!