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carpe diem

                                     two romenian images - danubian river and castle in transilvania - search in google

Bloggerroxana  disse... (comentário em estamos aqui para aprender, post de 01/julho/2012)

Once upon a time, humanity's profound knowledge was based on observing everything around, from mineral to most developed forms of life. Now, though we consider ourselves more civilized and... superior to those ancient people, we can't seem to be able to learn even from explicit, very touching examples like your photo is.
To me it seems that more of us had stopped asking themselves why had we been brought to this world and chose to transform the old Latin dictum "Carpe Diem!" in a race for money, success and power.
We are on a turning point of our existence and I am not sure if we'll have the wisdom to make the change by ourselves... I guess the future will tell.

Have good days ahead dear Vera, and take care of yourself!
7/04/2012 5:10 AM

Do I have to say more ?
When we try to have hope, try to believe and live everyday in life looking for better thinking, better acting, we find people like Roxana who gives us words of wisdom and peace!
That is why I am sharing with you, my friends and readers, to make you believe that your words are precious for me, they give me energy to go on believing and writing for peace and love in every heart...
Carpe Diem, Roxana!
Carpe Diem, all my friends!
Let's live for love and peace!
Warm hugs!

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roxana disse...

Dear Vera,
You brought tears into my eyes... Thank you!
I don't consider myself a wise person, I'm just a normal woman trying to live a decent life and understand as much as I am prepared to from the world around me.
I have my fears, my despairs, my doubts and resignations like everybody else. I'm happy if you find inspiration in what I say sometimes, but that's entirely your merit not mine!

My best of wishes and take care!

Vera Luiza Vaz disse...

Dear Roxana, I did not want tears in your eyes, sorry... but I think these must be just tears of emotion showing us you are a person of sensibility...

I am happy,very happy today because we can share our works, our thoughts, our feelings, our friendship and maybe we can put apart all bad things we see in the news everyday and fortify our hope in a more gentle and fair relationship between people...

Warm hugs, my friend Roxana!