quarta-feira, 23 de maio de 2012

i can

                                                                      photo by aulasdeyoga.net.br

when intend a goal
just try
if don't get it
may be sad
it happens now
with me
with you
in something we want to get
in something we want to do...

i know
i have to change
in order to get it
but it is difficult to say
i have to aim
'cause i also know
i can get it
i can do it
i can

2 comentários:

Felisberto Junior disse...

Olá!Boa noite!
Tudo bem?
"Discover the difficulties, the pros and cons that you will find in the realization of his goal, should not dissuade him, but allow you, in advance, prepare yourself to achieve it... você pode!
Obrigado pelo carinho da visita!
Boa quinta!
Beijos com carinho

Vera Luiza Vaz disse...

yes, i can, everybody can when really want...
Thanks for your coming!
Hugs, my dear friend Felisberto!