domingo, 22 de abril de 2012


                                          Cascata do caracol - Gramado - RS - Brasil - photo by

what matters is your heart
the way you live
to whom your affection you give...

if you see inside your mind
if you listen to your own voice...

if you look around
with eyes of seeing
sun rising...

if you can feel
wind in your face
warm embrace...

if you have hope
if you believe in yourself
if everyday you do your best...

matters if you can see the lies
if you give liers what they deserve...

if you fight for freedom
for peace
for justice
in every heart and place...

matters if you go forward
with hope
with joy
with intention
of beeing
of doing
with all your heart and mind...

matters if you live
with all your body and soul
thanking for beeing alive
part of the universe...

2 comentários:

roxana disse...

matters indeed, my friend!
it's just so hard sometimes to pass through days living with the heart in the palm of your hand... I, for one, don't always find the courage to do it.
there's so much... peace and acceptance behind your poems, Vera Luiza! even though I cannot fully understand the words when it's not in english, I always feel it.

my best of wishes and a warm hug!

Vera Luiza Vaz disse...

Roxana, what matters in fact is that you feel and you see behind the words even if they are not in english... This shows me the nature of your heart...
This is really what matters, my friend, and I am so glad because of your coming here and your trying to read me and my so simple poetry...
This is what counts...what really matters for péople who are always looking for peace and friendship...
Thanks for your so warm heart and gentleness!!
Hugs from this brazilian friend!