quinta-feira, 12 de abril de 2012


                                                                                                            photo by maude poesia

"if you want to give alms for me,
water a thirsty plant,
feed a hungry dog
and teach the children to gaze to the stars".
   (from a romanian writer)

how sensible these words are
truthfully speak
they come to me
from a distant friend
very close to my heart...

as far as we go on living
we think about real values
about what we do everyday
about what we did yesterday...

time goes
older we get
life is not in vain
if we learn
earn being better
soul full of gratitude
thanking those we love
for being together
supporting us
loving us
thanking nature
for the flowers
the birds
the rain
thanking for the sun
the breeze
the sky above us
thanking for the night
bringing us peace to rest
thanking for health
for having eyes and heart
to see and love
the beauty of simple things...

Note: This poem is dedicated to Roxana - my gentle friend from Romenia .
 I also dedicate it to friends from other places that frequently come to this simple space of poetry, supporting my hope and being my angels on earth.
Thank you!
Warm hugs!

4 comentários:

roxana disse...

Gratitude is a word that cannot really express how I feel right now... Still, it's the best I have. So... I am grateful, because I don't know how and why, not too long ago, life simply opened her arms and brought to my path extraordinary people. All far away, but so close to my heart.
You are one of them and I am both happy and honored to call you my friend, dear Vera Luiza!

Muito obrigado por esta dedicação comovente, muito obrigado por delicadeza e profundidade de seus pensamentos!

A warm hug from the old continent and my best or wishes.

Vera Luiza Vaz disse...

Roxana, I believe in good hearts... I believe in people made of love and peace... I believe life is a sensible work of art...
Knowing people like you is a motive of gratitude today and tomorrow...
Happy because you liked my simple homage.
Love from Brasil!

Giuliano disse...

Parole splendide!!Penso che sia un peccato che persone capaci di simili pensieri debbono vivere così lontane tra loro

Vera Luiza Vaz disse...

Giuliano,la distanza è solo un dettaglio, se condividono i sentimenti con gli amici così cari.

Grazie per la presenza di affetto e di amicizia.